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 News about naked soldiers

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PostSubject: News about naked soldiers   Fri May 03, 2013 10:32 pm

Hello hello boobs

It has been one year since our last activity report so i thought u must be very hungry for news about us.

We are still participating in the only bf42 league that is left on the planet Earth. Its good thing to have competition like this, to keep u motivated. Without it im sure half of EU clans would be dead by now. Also we shouldnt forget on big money that is given to those who finish on podium. Last season we finished in 2nd position (highest so far) and because we dont have to spend money for clothes, there was more left for hookers and alcohol.

We have no problems with number of players, some guys left some joined us. We are also producing new players by doing more artih and less baldur. Well some are still too young and some already too old for this but others ares still in pretty good shape.

And plans for future...not to drop out of first division which is kind of hard these days. We will play in upcoming leagues, cups organized by bf community, maybe do some ladder stuff, some of us do war streaming and casting from time to time, we will also continue giving lessons to noobs on public.

Over and out cheers

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News about naked soldiers
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